Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blog Share - A Joyful Heart & Home

I just wanted to share a new blog I came across by way of The Alabaster Jar.   And if you haven't checked out Jolene Engle's website 'The Alabaster Jar', you most definitely need to. 

I found this blog is, 'A Joyful Heart & Home', through Jolene's 'Marital Oneness Monday Link Up!'.

I came across 'A Joyful Heart & Home's June 11th post, "Are You A Hard Worker?", so convenient on a day that I am feeling particularly down and lazy!  I have been struggling with really bad back issues for a while and it can be hard some days to get anything done without being in pain.  When the pain is bad, well frankly, nothing much gets done at all.  It tends to be a domino affect because when the pain comes on, the blues come on and the laziness and frustration is just a manifestation of the two, even on my good days.  As a wife who works a full time job (outside the home), coming home from work at times I am just exhausted and the last thing I feel is motivated.  

So reading this post today just spoke deep to my soul, especially coming from another Sister in Christ!  I love how God uses other sisters or brothers to speak to me, be it by a conversation or even a blog! (of course by all of whom walk with the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.)

Please read the post "Are You A Hard Worker? and then finish reading my post.

This really spoke to me today.  Even on my good days that my pain is extremely tolerable, am I a hard worker in my home?  Sadly, I would have to honestly say no.   I often let how I feel run my day, instead of doing what God has called me to do in my role as a wife.  My days definitely do not reflect a Proverbs 31 Woman and often times cooking or serving my husband is the last thing I want to do.  Even more so, after a day at the office.  I often allow Satan to clog my thoughts and my feelings too!  He robs me of my joy and strength that the Lord had given me in the morning

Her post quotes two verses:

Proverbs 31:13 - "She works with her hands in delight."  and;

Colossians 3:23 - "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not men."

These two scriptures bring conviction as these are definitely struggles in my life.  I don't often delight in the work I do at home as I should and just because I work outside the home doesn't give me an excuse to have the attitude that I often have about the duties I have been called to do as a a godly wife.  I also forget quite often in the busyness of work outside the home and the work inside my home, that I am to do it all unto the Lord!!  He is the one I work for because I have given my life over to Him!!  (Forgive me Lord for forgetting that it is all for You and to Your glory!)

So with all that said, I have gathered some index cards and am putting together my Memory Verses, (which I just think is a fantastic idea and thank Ashley from 'A Joyful Heart & Home' Blog for sharing) and am gathering scripture verses that I will memorize and stand upon when I am feeling the back pain, the blues, the laziness and that utter lack of motivation to continue on in this life. 

My focus needs to be always on the Lord.  And when I am out in the water feeling like I am going under, when my eyes are fixed on God, He will lift me up and keep me afloat. 

I hope this Blog Share helped you in some way and thank you for allowing me to share my heart!

In Christ,



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